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The Sporadic Ramblings of Joran van der Sloot

It has been reported by the Peruvian press that before Joran van der Sloot gave what appears to be a truthful--or truthful as far as it ever gets with Joran--confession to the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez, he told the authorities who detained him in Chile a different story. This one involved Stephany and Joran returning to his hotel room, where two men awaited them. One was in the bathroom, the other on (or in) the bed. They were equipped with knives and pistols. These men killed Stephany and then departed the premises, leaving Joran miraculously unharmed. Joran identified the assailants as two police officers who had earlier stopped him and Stephany on the road and asked for money.

Memo to Joran: Fire your ghostwriter and hire a new one. You really need a better scenarist. Like one who can provide you with a motive for two rogue cops to kill Ms. Flores. And leave you, the sole witness to the killing, unharmed.

Regrettably, Joran had better luck with a confession made just days earlier.

On May 10, in Aruba, Joran received ten thousand dollars in cash and had another fifteen thousand wired to his bank account in exchange for telling John Q. Kelly, Beth Holloway's lawyer, where Natalee Holloway's body could be located.(Under a house that had been built after Natalee's disappearance.) He offered to provide a map of the site, and apparently led Kelly to it. The transaction was videotaped by the FBI.

Joran used the money he received in exchange for this "confession" to finance his trip to South America. And a young woman, her life ahead of her, is dead.
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