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Natalee Holloway, Part Six

May 30 marked the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. It was, I'm sure, an occasion of great sadness for her family and friends. And a source of frustration for those who would like to see some resolution.

The case is at a standstill. Last March, a husband and wife from Pennsylvania went  Read More 
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The Connecticut River Valley Murders, Part Two

Were these murders serial killings? I don't know. There seem to be factors arguing otherwise.

1. The women, though all under forty, were pretty widely separated in age otherwise. Serial killers tend to stick to the same age group when hunting victims. Bernice Courtemanche, at seventeen, could have been the daughter of the oldest victim,  Read More 
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The Connecticut River Valley Murders, Part One

This is one of New England's biggest unsolved mysteries. Between 1981 and 1986, six young women were murdered in the vicinity of Route 91, the area straddling the Vermont-New Hampshire border. The first victim was Mary Elizabeth Critchley. The second was Bernice Courtemanche. The third was Ellen Fried. The fourth was Eva Morse. The fifth was Lynda  Read More 
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The Case of the Missing Mummy, Part Two

Still no news, as far as I know, on what has become of the mummified infant corpse stolen from Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord, New Hampshire. One reasonable guess might be that the disinterment was a college student prank, and that Baby Mummy is now a prominent feature of the decor of some fraternity  Read More 
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The Lady in the Dunes, Part Two

According to some news reports, the body--which wasn't discovered for anywhere from several days to a few weeks after the murder--was lying on a blanket in a position that suggested the woman had been sharing it with someone. As far as I know, there were no signs the victim had attempted to fend off  Read More 
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The Lady in the Dunes, Part One

On July 26, 1974, the nude and decomposing corpse of a woman was found on a beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The victim had been nearly decapitated; the left side of her skull was crushed, and her hands had been removed. The woman lay on a beach blanket, and what remained of her head rested on a  Read More 
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The Case of the Missing Mummy

This story sounds like something out of William Faulkner. Or Chas. Addams.

Until 2006, a New Hampshire family, the Peaveys, had in their possession the mummified body of a baby boy. Charles Peavey said the family thought of the corpse, which they believed to be the remains of a stillborn son of a great-great uncle,  Read More 
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Kidnapped by Space Aliens

Richard Galpin of the Moscow bureau of the BBC News reports today that Kirsum Ilyumzhinov, president of Kalymkia and president of the World Chess Federation, has claimed he was kidnapped by visiting space aliens, who took him aboard their craft as part of a mission to procure "samples". Precisely what kind of samples is  Read More 
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