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J.D. Salinger: A Few Thoughts

I read "The Catcher in the Rye" when I was thirteen or fourteen and enjoyed it. I can't recall to what extent I identified with Holden Caulfield--I think to identify COMPLETELY with Holden you had to be an adolescent male--but the character certainly resonated with me. And he did so with anyone who felt  Read More 
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Great Headlines Redux

From the Associated Press, by way of the San Francisco Chronicle, January 26, 2010:

"Man Caught at Airport with 44 Lizards in His Pants"

This happened in Christchurch, New Zealand. The contraband lizards were skinks and geckos. No word on whether the latter tried to sell anyone auto insurance.
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Robert B. Parker Interview

This interview with Robert B. Parker was first published in 1998 in The Country and Abroad. Here's an excerpt:

Kelly: What was the genesis of Spencer?

Parker: I read Raymond Chandler and copied him.

Kelly: There must have been more to it than that.

Parker: I always wanted to do this [write crime novels] and  Read More 
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Robert B. Parker Remembered

I did a long interview with Bob Parker in 1998, from which I'll post excerpts shortly. If you didn't know already what a nice, interesting, unassuming, and very funny guy he was, the interview will show you.

Meanwhile, a few Bob stories:

1. He and his future wife Joan met when they were three, at a birthday  Read More 
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Robert B. Parker

I was deeply shocked and very saddened to learn just a few minutes ago that Robert B. Parker, one of the greats in mystery writing, has died. Apparently at his desk, too, where he was no doubt at work at another book that would bring pleasure to hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of  Read More 
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Memoirs--not the ghosted celebrity tell-alls, but those produced by interesting people who can actually write well and have stories worth telling--are some of my favorite reading. Below is a list of some I've enjoyed. This list isn't in any particular order. Nor is it comprehensive. I'll add to it as more titles occur to me.

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Sal Esposito from East Boston has received a summons to serve on a jury in Suffolk Country, Mass. Sal is actually a cat. His/her (I'm not sure of Sal's sex) owner has tried to have Sal disqualified on the grounds that he's not a person. The jury commissioner has turned down the request. Sal's court date  Read More 
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Mary McGarry Morris: Novelist

Here's an excerpt from an interview I did with Mary McGarry Morris. It was first published in 1999 in The Country and Abroad.

Kelly: Did you want to be a writer when you were very young?

Morris: I did. I did. It was one of those things I always knew I wanted to do, wanted  Read More 
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Simon Ortiz: Poet

This is an excerpt of a long interview I did with poet Simon Ortiz, first published in The Country and Abroad, September, 2000.

Kelly: Your first book of poetry was "Naked in the Wind," wasn't it?

Ortiz: Oh my gosh, that's going back a few years. How did you know about that? It was a  Read More 
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Great Headlines: Comestibles

"Australian Police Baffled by Spate of Cucumber Thefts" -- Independent (Ireland), August 12, 2009

"Biscuits Injuring Millions of Britons" -- Metro (London), September 8, 2009

"Boston Celebrates Marshmallow Fluff" -- Boston Globe, September 26, 2009

"Secret Worcestershire Sauce Recipe Found" -- Daily Telegraph (London), November 2, 2009

"Papaya Receives Sex Change Operation" --, November 3, 2009

"Hunt for Undamaged Beets Continues" --  Read More 
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