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The Boston Stranglers

The Boston Stranglers re-examines—and offers a surprising resolution to—one of the most famous criminal cases in American history.

“Taut with suspense... crackles like a bestselling novel.”
--Barry Reed, author of The Verdict

The Gemini Man

From the dust jacket copy:

"A free-lance writer whose lover is a police lieutenant could conceivably have welcomed the chance to have an inside track in a murder case. But when murder actually happens in the next apartment, Liz Connors finds the reality anything but pleasant. It's not that she knows the victim well--she only recently moved to the building--but she certainly would not have chosen to be the one to discover Joan Stanley's battered body...More deaths follow, and the link between the deaths soon becomes apparent...Lingemann's dogged search and Liz's independent probing, legitimized by an assignment from a local weekly, lead her to a crisis counseling center in Cambridge; a tour of the area's singles bars, both sleazy and elegant; the Harvard Psychology Department; and finally into real peril. Sparked with humor, vibrant with the feel of today's Cambridge...given added depth by the psychological undertones of its intriguing puzzle, this fast-moving story marks an exciting debut for its author and her warmly human sleuths."


"An auspicious debut...With building action, believable red herrings, real-sounding dialogue, and most likable characters, this addition to the Cambridge sleuthing scene should be welcomed by mustery buffs." -- Publishers Weekly

"Once I picked up The Gemini Man, I couldn't put it down...funny, scary, wise, and rueful--a find." -- Boston Magazine

The Gemini Man was nominated for an Anthony Award for Best First Novel of 1985

And Soon I’ll Come to Kill You

“In her latest book, And Soon I’ll Come to Kill You, Susan Kelly has pulled off a remarkable achievement. By making the victim her series protagonist, she forces each of us to deal with the fear and frustration of not knowing what happens next.”
--Jeremiah Healy

Out of the Darkness

A novel about the search for a serial killer, which The New England Review of Books called “A high-speed page-turner... An amazing non-stop work of fiction that will keep the reader on the seat’s edge.” New York Newsday said, “There isn’t a character or a line that doesn’t ring true.”

"Solidly researched. The plot's the thing in OUT OF THE DARKNESS."

-- New York Times Book Review