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Eating Habits of College Students

One of the small pleasures of living in a university town is observing the grocery-buying habits of college students on a self-catering plan. As I trundle my cart through the supermarket, I have plenty of chance to notice how they feed themselves. It seems to break down according to gender.

Contents of the shopping cart of young women:

1. Two packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts.
2. A bag of apples.
3. A head of lettuce.
4. A loaf of whole-grain bread.
5. A bag of carrots.
6. A privet-hedge-sized bunch of broccoli.
7. A half-gallon of skim milk.
8. A bag of quinoa.
9. Twelve containers of low-fat blueberry yogurt.
10. A half-gallon of orange juice.

Contents of the shopping carts of young men:

1. Six packages of frankfurters.
2. Six packages of frankfurter rolls.
3. Six packages of pre-formed hamburgers.
4. Six packages of hamburger rolls.
5. Three industrial-sized bags of Doritos.
6. A twelve-pack of Coke.
7. A twelve-pack of Pepsi.
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