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And Soon I’ll Come to Kill You

From the dust jacket of And Soon I’ll Come to Kill You:

“Familiarity breeds evil.

An ex-college professor turned free-lance journalist, Liz Connors makes a good living writing about true crime. Now, however, the tables are turned, and Liz finds herself on the receiving end of some very nasty death threats. When the stakes are this high, nobody, including those closest to her, is above suspicion.

When Liz gets the first letter, she thinks it’s somebody’s idea of a sick joke. When they start coming weekly and grow steadily more graphic, she admits she’s a little bit unnerved. Still, it’s not until someone breaks into her apartment and leaves behind a mutilated doll with more than a passing resemblance to Liz that she and Jack, her very good friend in the Cambridge P.D., decide the joke’s gone far enough. Crime writers tend to write unkind things about criminals, which means there are plenty of unsavory characters in the Boston area who could be out to get revenge on Liz. To make matters more complicated, Liz can’t be certain her tormentor isn’t someone she already knows. In fact, she’s more than a little uncomfortable with how much this psychopath seems to have learned about her. A number of suspicious deaths involving people with whom Liz has worked on past cases, the threatening letters themselves, and Liz’s own past are the only clues she has to go on. The tension becomes unbearable as she races to beat the most serious deadline of her life and comes face to face with her would-be killer—for the last time.”

And Soon I’ll Come to Kill You was the result of my desire to write a book that would be scary without involving elements of horror or the supernatural. I also thought it would be interesting to have the victim be the detective as well. It certainly gave her a motive to try and solve the case as quickly as possible.