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Natalee Holloway, Part Eight (Man on the Run)

The most recent reports state that an autopsy has been done on Ms. Flores and that, contrary to earlier reports, she did not die of stabbing injuries but of a broken neck. She was apparently beaten to death. This is a truly terrible way to die. There seems to be no indication that she was sexually assaulted.

Another piece of new information is that two Peruvian brothers who run a shuttle service claim that Joran van der Sloot hired them to drive him to the Chilean border, or close to it, and that he took a Chilean taxi the rest of the way. Chilean police are said to be searching for him in various hotels near the border area.

There also seems to be some confusion as to whether Interpol is involved in the search for Joran. There's nothing on their website to indicate that they are.

The Peruvian news site El Comercio reports that Douglas Rodriguez, chief of police of the region in Chile where Joran is believed to be hiding, has said that he will not arrest the suspect, since there is "no international legal requirement" for him to do so. If earlier stories are true that Chilean law enforcement is searching for van der Sloot, I have to ask: Why bother? What are they going to do with him when they find him?

Okay, CNN is now reporting that Argentina (it has been claimed by various sources that this country is Joran's final destination), Chile, Peru, and Colombia have coordinated their efforts, along with Interpol, to track down the suspect.
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