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Further Sporadic Ramblings of Joran van der Sloot

News reports out of Peru state that Joran van der Sloot, while confessing to the murder of Stephany Flores, mentioned to his interrogators that he knew the exact location of Natalee Holloway's remains. He was, however, unwilling to share this knowledge with the Lima cops. He DID indicate that he'd be willing to share it with Aruban law enforcement. Some reports state that Joran wants to be transferred to Aruba in order to make his disclosures. Of course he does. The Netherlands (Aruba is part of the Netherlands Antilles) has no extradition treaty with Peru. Once Joran was back home on Aruba, he'd be beyond the reach of the long arm of Peruvian law. I don't think Peru is going to let that happen. Today Joran was formally charged with murder and robbery, and transferred to jail, presumably to await trial. Outside the jail, a crowd had gathered, and when he was unloaded from the arrest wagon (some reports called it an ambulance) he was pelted with rotten vegetables by people screaming "Murderer!" These are not people who take lightly the death of one of their own at the hands of a foreigner. Or, as one Peruvian newspaper described him earlier this week, a "gringo asesino".

So, no; I don't think Peru is going to allow Joran out of the country to lead the Aruban cops on another magical mystery tour of the island. So far he's claimed that Natalee was a) taken out to sea by someone he called for help in disposing of her corpse, b) that he sold her into sexual slavery to a tourist, c) that she was put in a swamp, and d) that she was interred in the foundations of a house under construction. One of these might even be true. I think the first possibility most closely approximates the truth, since when Joran made that admission he was unaware that he was being taped. He also wasn't doing it to make money, as he was in the latter three instances.

Does Joran know where Natalee's remains lie? Quite possibly he does. If her remains can be recovered--even skeletal ones--forensic examination can prove how she died. If her skull was fractured, as Stephany's apparently was, that will show. If she was strangled by ligature of some sort, as Stephany apparently was (according to the latest reports, she was beaten and then strangled), that will also show.

It's interesting that in his most recent confession-for-money (the one he made to John Q. Kelly, Beth Holloway's lawyer, in an attempt to extort a quarter of a million dollars in exchange for the location of Natalee's remains) Joran has come the closest to admitting publically that he ever has that he was responsible for Natalee's death. He pushed her away from him, he said, and she fell and died. That must have been a very hard push. Or did it involve something similar to the beating he inflicted on Stephany Flores? There was a reason why Natalee's body had to be hidden.

Joran is said to have complained, by phone, to his mother that his treatment by the Peruvian cops was "barbaric". No, Joran. Reflect on what you, yourself, admitted you did to Stephany Flores. Then get back to me and we'll discuss what constitutes "barbaric".
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