Sarah Palin Hit Parade

December 29, 2010

Tags: Sarah Palin

A few weeks ago, Richard Cohen wrote an article, which I read in the Washington Post, remarking on the huge number of hits his columns got whenever he wrote a piece about Sarah Palin. (I hope I'm recalling this correctly, Mr. Cohen, but I'm fairly sure that's what you said.) Anyway, I thought I'd try a little experiment and see how that worked for me. I don't intend actually to WRITE anything about Sarah Palin; I just want to see how many hits the mere mention of the name generates.

To anyone who ventures into this site expecting some incisive commentary--or even sporadic ramblings--about Palin, pro or con, my sincerest apologies for misleading you. But do stick around and and check the tags to the left to see if there's anything else you might be interested in reading.

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--Robert B. Parker
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