Maxine Kumin: Poet

February 14, 2010

Tags: Author Interviews, Maxine Kumin

Here are some excerpts from an interview I did with Maxine Kumin. It was first published in The Country and Abroad in the September, 1999 issue.

Kelly: Someone who wrote about you--and I'm putting this in quotes--said that you "insist upon order," that this is important to you.

Kumin: It's personally important to me as a poet. (more…)

Selected Works

“This book is, quite simply, remarkable journalism and remarkable writing.”
--Robert B. Parker
"Taut with suspense...crackles like a bestselling novel." -- Barry Reed, author of The Verdict
"Susan Kelly's maiden mystery is fresh and free-spirited with lively characters, snappy dialogue...and a suspenseful plot." -- Washington Post
“Spinetingling... noteworthy... brings the horror of being a victim into sharp focus.”
--Publishers Weekly
“Thought-provoking... a gritty, bittersweet story with added depth and dimension.”
--Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"A page-turner with action and suspense." -- SSC Booknews
"A winner for fans of literate, witty mysteries." -- Tony Hillerman
"The Summertime Soldiers has love, sex, and murder and most of all, a heart." -- Boston Herald