Aesthetic Versus Spiritual

November 30, 2009

Tags: Aesthetic vs. Spiritual

Over the course of many years, and in the course of many conversations, I've heard people refer to themselves as having "spiritual" experiences. Not being spiritual myself, I've often wondered what they meant by this. When I question them, "spiritual" people claim that "spiritual" experiences occur when they listen to Mozart, or view some (more…)

Selected Works

“This book is, quite simply, remarkable journalism and remarkable writing.”
--Robert B. Parker
"Taut with suspense...crackles like a bestselling novel." -- Barry Reed, author of The Verdict
"Susan Kelly's maiden mystery is fresh and free-spirited with lively characters, snappy dialogue...and a suspenseful plot." -- Washington Post
“Spinetingling... noteworthy... brings the horror of being a victim into sharp focus.”
--Publishers Weekly
“Thought-provoking... a gritty, bittersweet story with added depth and dimension.”
--Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"A page-turner with action and suspense." -- SSC Booknews
"A winner for fans of literate, witty mysteries." -- Tony Hillerman
"The Summertime Soldiers has love, sex, and murder and most of all, a heart." -- Boston Herald